ResCom Roofing Service Areas

ResCom Roofing is located in Suwanee Ga, but we service a much greater area. Our skilled team of qualified roof installers do residential roof repair, roof replacements, insurance claims, commercial roof and flat roof repairs and servicing for all of the North Metro Atlanta suburbs. We can also be found doing quality roof jobs farther out in rural parts of North Georgia.

Check the service areas below to see if we schedule appointments in your area. If not, please don’t hesitate to call! We’ve been known to make acceptions. To schedule appointments, please call (470) 222-8512.

We have insurance claim specialists that have assisted hundreds of homeowners in filing their insurance claims. If you’ve experienced a recent Georgia hail storm or high winds, please be sure to call us before calling your insurance company. There are specific statements you can say to the insurance company when filing the claim that will absolutely help in the claim process go smoother, making sure you receive everything they are responsible for. We can assist you with every aspect from that initial call, to closing out the claim after your beautiful new roof has been installed. At ResCom Roofing… We Cover Your Assets!