High Quality Seamless Aluminum Gutters Prevent Water Damage

Quality Gutter Systems to Keep Water from House Interior

Cumming-Insurance-Claim-Roof-The most common cause of damage to residential homes is water damage. Many times, we’ve find that this could be prevented, if only the homeowner had quality gutters, that weren’t leaking. The problem is gutters are a part of most homes that are neglected. When gutters become clogged, or sealant in the seams break down, the gutter system will leak. When it does, many times the water intrusion isn’t noticeable because it’s happening inside soffits, behind siding and inside walls.

When gutters continue to leak over time, the damage that is caused can run into the thousands… even tens of thousands of dollars. This could be prevented by having a good quality aluminum gutter system without leaks.

Any leaking gutter should be repaired immediately when found. Some of the most common causes of gutter leaks are:

  • Improperly pitched gutters – When a gutter is installed without the proper pitch, the water will run the opposite way of the downspout. This is a very common issue.
  • Leaking gutter seams – When gutters are installed, gutter sealant is applied to all seams and joints. This sealant, or caulk will eventually break down and fail. If the integrity of the actual gutter system is still sound, this can be prevented by a gutter maintenance and re-caulking all seams and joints every few years.
  • Clogged gutters – If uncleaned, gutter will eventually become clogged. When this happens, they cannot drain towards the downspouts properly. Then, because the water has to go somewhere, it spills over the front and ends, inevitably running behind soffits, fascia, siding and into the walls.
  • Old rusty gutters – After several years gutter will begin rusting in the bottom. Especially the older, galvanized type gutters. You can typically see this happening, as you’ll be able to see brown rust spots forming on the bottom of the gutters.
  • Loose gutters – Many gutters were installed with a spike and feral system to fasten the gutters to the fascia. We don’t use these anymore! We use only hidden gutter hangers, which are screwed to the fascia and rafter tails whenever possible. ResCom gutters will Never come loose from you home!

All these issues can be corrected with a new – quality seamless gutter system. ResCom has a top-notch gutter crew, with our own gutter machine so we can custom cut every gutter on site, giving you the best possible gutter installation job.

Because most Georgia homes also have a lot of trees surrounding the homes, it’s recommended to also install aluminum gutter covers on top of the gutters.

Aluminum gutter covers will be one of the best investments you can ever make on you home! Once installed, you’ll never have to climb a ladder the clean your gutters again. Or, if you have a gutter cleaning service do this for you, the covers will pay for themselves over a couple years because you’ll never have to call for another gutter cleaning again.

We give a 10 Year No Leak Labor Warranty on all full gutter installations. Because we use a premium grade aluminum coil to custom manufacture all gutters on site, you won’t have to worry about the actual gutters rusting for at least 25 – 30 years.

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At ResCom Roofing, we cover your assets, but we also want to provide further protection to your home by installing a high quality 6” seamless aluminum gutter system with gutter covers to your home.

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