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Atlas-Chalet-Roof-Marietta-VinningsThe key to a quality roof replacement is not how the final product looks. I’ve seen just about everything you can imagine after 30 years in the Atlanta construction industry. To be honest, it’s difficult to see the difference between a quality roof replacement like we do at ResCom, and a poor roof replacement like I’ve gone behind many times having to repair.

Just about any installer can nail shingles on in a straight line. But what prevents your roof from leaking, and what makes your roof last it’s full lifespan is what happens during the prep.

For example, here’s a list of non-negotiable steps that any company should do for you:

  • Remove all existing nails, felt, vents, and damaged flashing – Then replace with new
  • Replace ANY water damaged or rotted plywood.
    (You’d be surprised what I’ve seen shingles nailed on top of)
  • Replace all pipe jack boot (plumbing boots) whether insurance pays for them or not
  • Cut proper vent hole for ridge vents
  • Install Ice & Water shield to all valleys, around chimneys, under flashing and vents
    (most roofers install valleys only)
  • Install every full shingle with 5 – 8 nails (no more – no less)
  • Install code required drip edge flashing around perimeter
    (whether insurance pays for it or not)
  • Cover all shrubs, bushes, landscaping and lawn with adequate tarps during tear off
  • Clean entire property with roller magnets – make at least 5 passes.
  • Have 1 man who focuses that last hour on caulking EVERY nail and flashing on roof
  • Have quality control inspector assess finished product for anything not completed

If your contractor pays attention to details like we’ve listed here, your roof will NOT leak. It will also last the full lifespan the manufacturers say it will.The best roof repair company in Metro Atlanta

There are several manufacturers that make quality products nowadays. We prefer GAF Timberline, but CertainTeed, Owens Corning, Atlas, and even some IKO will work just fine for you. Like we’ve said earlier, it’s more critical what happens during the installation process to achieve a quality roof.

We would love to help you get your new roof installed. If we inspect your existing roof, and see you still have a few more years remaining, we’ll recommend a roof repair or maintenance. But when it’s time for that full roof replacement, whether it’s due to hail damage, or just old age… rest assured we will be detail oriented and provide
top quality roof services by checking off every item on the list above.

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