Insurance Claims and Storm Damage

Insurance Claims Due To Strong Thunderstorms

Cumming-Insurance-Claim-Roof-Insurance claims due to storm damage have become very common in our part of the country. Many homeowners hesitate to file a claim even after a strong storm. The fear of premiums getting raised is a legitimate concern. However, if a hail storm has damaged your roof shingles, it has also reduced the life of your roof considerably, meaning you will have to come out of pocket much sooner than needed to pay for a new roof. This is one reason you carry home owners insurance… to prevent a loss from costing you your hard earned money.

When you consider the average roof replacement in Metro Atlanta can run around $10,000.00, it makes a possible $50 per month premium increase not seem nearly as dramatic. Plus, your rates most likely won’t increase from filing just one claim. However, other factors can come into play, such as if you’ve had other claims within the last 3-year period. Either way… if you have storm damage, your roof will need to be replaced, or at a minimum… repaired.

Spring and Summer Brings Wind and Hail Damage

Living anywhere in the Southeast, but especially in Metro Atlanta means you are well aware of the stormy Springs and Summers we experience. Violent thunderstorms begin rolling through our area in early Spring, and typically run well into the Summer months. These strong storms often bring hail and high winds which inevitably cause damage to your home’s exterior, especially your roofing shingles.

If your home has been in the line of one of these storms, we recommend having one of our highly trained and qualified roof inspectors conduct a Free of charge, complete roof assessment. Typically, if your roof shingles are more than 12 years old, even 1″ hail can do enough damage to the shingles to warrant filing an insurance claim to have the roof replaced.

Recommended Steps To Filing Your Insurance Claim

ApprovedThese are the steps we recommend taking if you feel you have a possible insurance claim:

  1. Call ResCom Roofing, or at least a qualified local roofing company first.
  2. Schedule a Free of Charge roof evaluation to assess possible storm damage.
  3. If legitimate damage is found, call the insurance company and file a claim.
    (We can assist you with this, as you will need certain information to tell the claims adjuster)
  4. Take note of the insurance adjuster inspection date.
  5. Call your ResCom representative to inform them so we can meet adjuster during inspection.
  6. Consult with your ResCom rep for scheduling of your new roof replacement.
    (At this time, you can decide on color and shingle type)
  7. Enjoy your new roof, installed with care by ResCom Roofing.

That’s it. If you feel you have storm damage and need to file a claim, please call us first so we can make sure you have legitimate damage to warrant filing a claim. We will be happy to assist you from the first call, all the way through the claims process, to installing your new roof.

Do I Have To Pay My Deductible?

Inevitably the question we always get is: “Do I have to pay my deductible”? Unfortunately the answer is yes. Because we operate at a higher standard, we feel it’s imperative to follow the rules and laws. It’s the right thing to do. So please don’t ask us to cover your deductible. We’ll have to say no. We understand that this policy will end up costing us quite a few roof jobs, as there’s plenty of contractors that will cover it. But we feel it’s best to operate on the up and up, and follow the rules. If a contractor will cut corners on one thing… they will cut corners on Anything. Please keep that in mind.

We can finance your deductible for you, or allow you to pay it with a credit card.

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