Hail & Wind Damaged Roofs In Atlanta

Strong Georgia Storms Often Damage Roof Shingles

hail damageBeing in the line of strong thunderstorms, hail and wind storms, and tornados is part of living in Atlanta. If you own a home, and you know for a fact that hail stones have hit your roof, it can’t hurt to have a qualified hail damage inspector from ResCom Roofing conduct a Free of Charge roof inspection.

At ResCom, we recommend doing a semi-annual roof maintenance to assess any possible hail or wind damage. But to also caulk any exposed nail heads, flashing, vents and chimneys. This is not a Free of Charge service, but we do recommend doing this every couple years. It will add several years to the life of your roof. While we’re doing your maintenance, we can see if you’ve had hail or wind damage occur recently. Then we’ll give you our recommendations.

Most Roofs Over 15 Years of Age Have Hail Damage

hail-damage-shingles-suwaneeIf your home has roof shingles older than 15 years, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment to check to for any type of storm damage or hail damage. It’s our experience that over 75% of the roofs we check over 15 years of age have some type of storm damage. For most residential roofs, that will be enough to get an insurance claim approved.

But you’ll never know if you just look from the ground. Hail damage is not easy to spot, and you almost always have to be on the roof and have a trained eye to spot hail damage.

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