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Atlas Chalet Inspections – Discontinued Defective Shingles

wind-damage-atlas-chalet-shingles-atlantaThe Atlas Roofing Company discontinued the Chalet line of shingles in 2010. It just so happens that there are more Atlas Chalet shingles installed on more homes in Georgia than any other State in the USA. The majority of those being in the Metro Atlanta area.

If you have this defective roofing product, it is important you have an experienced roofing contractor like ResCom Roofing conduct a thorough inspection of your roof. Even if your looks fine from the ground, these shingles typically begin cracking and blistering within just a few years after being installed.

Your Insurance Company May Pay for a New Roof Replacement

Upon inspection of your roof, if any storm damage is found, we recommend filing an insurance claim. Now, there are certain insurance companies that will work with you as the insured to get you a new roof. However, there are a few that absolutely will not pay for a new roof. Not to name names… but All State is one that will not help you.

However, many others will replace the roof if there is only one damaged shingle. This is the way it should be handled. Because if there is any damage to these shingles, there is no way to repair them properly due to the fact that we cannot buy this product anymore, and there are no replacement shingles on the market that are similar to the Atlas Chalet.

Atlas Chalet Shingles Can Sabotage Your Home Sale

Atlas Chalet InspectionThere have been more times than we can count, where a homeowner has called, telling us they have their house on the market, they have a contract from a potential buyer, but the sale can’t proceed because the home inspector found Atlas Chalet shingles. Many times, we have been able to come in and save the sale by immediately by having the homeowner file an insurance claim, and successfully getting the roof claim approved, then replaced.

We highly recommend that you not wait till then. Call us today and let’s figure out a solution to get your defective Chalets replaced so you won’t have this issue when it comes time to sale your home.

Class Action Law Suits Can Be a Waste of Time and Effort

In our experience, joining a class action case to get these shingles replaced is a long and drawn out process. Plus, if you do end up on the winning side, you’ll probably receive pennies on the dollar of what it will actually cost to replace the roof.

We recommend you follow the exact same process as if you were filing any insurance claim for your roof. You can see detailed instructions on filing an insurance claim here.

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