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TPO-roof-design-for-beginnersTPO roofing is a Thermoplastic Roofing material. Thermoplastic roof systems are lightweight systems that include TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Both are highly reflective roof membranes. These provide excellent weathering and are highly resistant to ultraviolet light, tears, punctures, and most chemicals. TPO and PVC roofs have incredibly strong seam strength and are well suited for second generation applications.

There are 3 application methods for thermoplastic polyolefin systems. The application methods are: mechanically attached, fully adhered, and point affixed.

In mechanically attached systems the membrane is affixed to the structural deck with mechanical fasteners. Because of the seam strength this method is well suited for second generation applications.

Fully adhered systems are recommended for applications in where using fasteners is desired. We allow the membrane to bond directly to the insulation board or other membrane substrate.

Point-affixed applications allow for the roof membrane to be welded directly onto pannels installed at set intervals.

With all 3 applications, the seam strength and longevity is a definite plus for this system.

ResCom can perform all 3 methods of installation. We will assess your specific needs and then recommend the preferred method. Depending on which installation method is being proposed, the pricing can vary slightly.

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