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Commercial Roof Repair Requires Expert Knowledge

Flat-roof-repair-suwanee-gaWhen dealing with a leaking commercial flat roof, there’s several issues to be considered. The first order of business it to identify the type material used on the roof. Certain types of material can only be repaired using a specific type of material. Also, the steps taken to assure a successful repair vary depending in the roofing product being repaired.

Typically, when dealing with Atlanta flat roof repair, there will be 3 different types of roof material. They usually are TPO, EPDM and Modified Bitumen roof materials. All 3 of these products have their good qualities and bad qualities.

EPDM Flat Roof Repair

flat epdm roof seam repairAnother roofing product that can begin leaking if not installed correctly is the TPO roof system. Like the EPDM membrane, it is also thin and can easily be punctured. The TPO product also requires a qualified installer, who has been certified by the manufacturer to do the installation. However, when installed by a factory certified installer, the building owner will receive a labor and material warranty from the manufacturer. We’ve found one of the most common issues with this product is from seams failing due to not being welded properly. ResCom has qualified – certified roof technicians to help with your TPO roof repair in Atlanta if needed.

modified bitumen flat roof repair cumming gaProbably the most durable roof product, and one that has been used for over 40 years is Modified Bitumen. It’s probably our first choice when doing a commercial flat roof. It does require highly trained installers because installing it and repairing it properly requires a torch. But once it’s installed properly, you’ll get 30 – 40 years before it’ll be time to replace it. We can also do a repair easily with this product.

No matter which product you have on your commercial flat roof, ResCom Roofing is qualified to help with complete re-roofs, or simple repairs.

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