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Atlanta RoofingAt ResCom Roofing, we’ve been doing residential and commercial roofing in Alpharetta for over 25 years. As an Alpharetta roofing service provider, we take care of our customers. We learned many years ago that the best advertising is giving customers a top quality product at a competitive price. We hold ourselves and our crews accountable to these ethics. So we’ve seen consistent growth from word of mouth of our past customers.

Our primary residential roofing services include:

  • Complete roof tear off and replacement (includes: Asphalt, Composite, Metal, tile, Wood shake, and others)
  • Insurance Claim assistance (Hail and Wind damage)
  • Asphalt shingle repairs (minimum charges apply)
  • Metal roof composite roll type roof coatings (add years before having to replace)
  • Commercial roofing repair and replacement (includes: TPO, EPDM, Asphalt, Metal and other)

Atlanta Roofing Contractor

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners filing their insurance claims successfully.

We have insurance claims specialists on staff at all times. We put all of our sales representatives through a detailed training of how to properly assist our customers when filing an insurance claim. There’s nothing worse for a homeowner than having a sales rep who hasn’t been trained properly, and how to deal with the insurance company adjuster. Having an untrained sales rep can result in your claim being denied. This will never happen by using ResCom as your Alpharetta roofing claim assistant.

We want you to know is your initial consultation is always free of charge. This includes an initial assessment of your current roof’s condition, so we’ll be able to make a qualified estimate of what it’ll take to repair or replace your existing roof. This goes for residential roofing services and commercial roofing service alike.

Just so you know, we do reserve the right to charge a small fee for any estimates that are done for real estate transaction purposes. We regret having to do this, but our experience has taught us that we have to charge for our valuable time when our estimate is being used solely for a bartering tool in the negotiation of a real estate deal. We hope all our real estate agent friends in Alpharetta can understand this. In these situations, there will be a $150 fee. (subject to change without notice)

We’ve worked with our same expert roofing crews for over 5 years. Our roof technicians are well trained, well paid, and dedicated to providing our Alpharetta roofing customers with top of the line roofing services. Our installers know our customers come first and are our priority. So, they are professional, courteous and on-time.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers a price and a schedule, and sticking to it not matter the cost. So, you can call us today, knowing that what we tell you up front, will be what you experience as a valued customer. So, call your #1 Alpharetta roofer today.

ResCom Roofing is known as one of the top Suwanee roofing companies. So contact us today to schedule your Free of Charge initial consultation.

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